Sparking (cont…)

I spoke this afternoon with a friend who is building some interesting connections in the online news space. He is going to be working on a community news site and has some interesting ideas about syndication of content and community building tools.

The ideas we spoke about today seem to dovetail well into the ideas I’m having for the WWF site. This may be a great opportunity to develop some interesting web tools for news and community building, something that I’ve been interested in for a while.

It’s still just a possibility – not sure what will come of it yet or how much of a fit there is. But I’m still very excited about the idea. It certainly sent my brain in a spin earlier today.

Looks like Damian and I will be doing a spot at Mars Hill Cafe in Feb too, with a show with the band happening in March (which may well be our first show). I’ll be sure to post details once I have dates, times etc.