Power madness

SMH: Pressure on bills to pay for power plants.

But the paper also says additional “base load” capacity is needed, which is likely to mean a new coal-fired station. This is despite a commitment by the Premier, Bob Carr, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 95 per cent of 1990 per capita levels by 2007.

At a time when we know that coal fired power plants are the biggest single polluter in Australia, the government is still talking about “clean” coal! (Don’t believe the hype – there is no such thing.) There are alternatives! WWF along with a number of energy companies recently released the Clean Energy Future for Australia report that outlines practical measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% over a number of years – why are these kinds of strategies being ignored?

And we don’t even have the basic protection of ratification of Kyoto to stop these kind of ridiculous decisions being made.

  • Let you into another little secret…

    In New South Wales there used to be a Government owned utility that was responsible for power generation and disribution called Pacific Power (also known as the Electricity Commission). Within Pacific Power they had a group responsible for building power stations (hydro, coal, windfarm). At the time it was pretty much the only group that had the skill and knowledge in Australia/NZ to build a power station. They built stuff all over the country.

    When the NSW Government decided to create “competition” it broke up Pacific Power into smaller chunks… TransGrid, Eraring Energy, Delta Electricity, Macquarie, all still owned by the Government. Rhe little power station builders got put into a small company called Pacific Power International (PPI) which was recently sold to Connell Wagner (USA).

    So now all of the corporate mates of the major political parties are rubbing their hands together cause they are the only ones who have the skills to build anything.

    The power problems are not limited to NSW. South Australia’s power stations are close to the end of their lives… and SA sucks more energy from the rest of the country because it cannot produce enough to meet its own needs. WA well, they have been having blackouts for some time. And, the hydro schemes in NSW (Snowy and Eraring), cannot meet demand cause of the drought!

    Remember the energy crisis on the west coast of the USA a couple of years ago? Remember the collapse of Enron… hang on Australia…

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