Sustainable lies?

Australian Democrats: Government Wrong On Tuna Laws.

Senator Brian Greig: Claims by Fisheries Minister Senator Ian Macdonald, that Australians can enjoy local seafood over Christmas safe in the knowledge that our fish stocks are sustainable, are seriously misleading.

  • Apart from the fact that seafood is overfished worldwide, and that the impact on the environment from that alone is huge, there is also the unintentional victims, including dolphins, birds, and turtles, that are captured in trawlers√≠ nets in the process…..Countless birds and other animals suffer, and many die, from injuries caused by swallowing or becoming entangled in discarded fishing hooks, monofilament line, and lead weights.Many wildlife rehabilitators say that fishing litter is one of the single greatest causes of injuries to aquatic animals…..

    And apart from all this environmental damage caused by fishing…eating fish is bad for your health! Fish (and shellfish) can accumulate extremely high levels of toxins (as much as 9 million times that of the water in which they live) such as PCB’s, dioxins, mercury, lead, and arsenic….so how on earth can they say that people should relax and chomp down another prawn this Christmas???????

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