Latham leadership


I’m fed up with all this bullshit about Latham’s leadership. Instead of using their airtime to create public awareness of the issues of the Howard regime (so easy to elucidate), Labor decide to turn on themselves in an act of self-sabotage. If they really want to know what lost them the election, it’s this bullshit. Lack of trust in the party to get the bloody job done. Latham was the breathe of fresh air that so many people were waiting for in Labor, and now it seems even he can’t escape the mire of the Party machinery.


Here’s a tip for the front-bench. Focus your attention on Howard and developing good policy and explaining them to the people instead of stabbing the only leader worth voting for in the back. Backflipping, poor preparation and unclear policy messages lost the election along with the lack of time to grow confidence in Latham as a leader. And now the party is destroying any credibility that was built during the campaign and making it even more difficult to grow support for the party into the next election. I think the Labor party might just be pushing itself over the edge into irrelevance.


  • Sadly, need I say more? Should we have filled a vacuum with a Black Hole? On a positive note, if Latham can tame his own party, the Australian public will vote for him because there will actually be a solid alternative the current government. Remember, the punters are sheep.

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