Better every time

I keep visiting the Amnesty USA website (designed by Happy Cog) and the more I look into the better it gets.

A lot of the ideas I’m having for the WWF site have already been implemented in that site. Which is annoying because I’m going to have to work harder to differentiate our site. But at the same time it is interesting to see the depth of the design unfold as I look into it more – a lot of the features aren’t immediately apparent until you start digging a little deeper.

One case in point is the clear separation of content (such as articles and background information) and the call to action. This is something I wanted to do and it is done so cleanly there. Another is the use of content images to add life to the site, getting the navigation an banners etc. out of the way to let the content take center stage. Although eye-catching and well designed, the navigation on the site clearly achieves this.

Raises the bar for me – hopefully I will be able to put something together that goes some way to matching what Happy Cog have achieved.