Big things…

d2r: looking for the next big thing.

Diego’s blog is in my “must read” category and it is disappointing that he hasn’t been able to find funding to continue developing CleverCactus, which was an excellent app and certainly the best Java app I’ve seen.

I certainly know how it feels to put you’re heart into a project and then get to a point where you can’t continue it – for personal and financial reasons. If Diego’s going through anything like what I went through with NETaccounts it’s a mixture of disappointment at not achieving what you wanted with the product that you had invested so much time and energy into and excitement about all the possibilities of what can happen next. I also know a thing or two about burning out – but that’s a whole other story 😉

So, FWIW, I wish Diego the very best for the future – I’m sure it will be pretty amazing whatever it is.

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