Ningaloo reef win

WWF: Western Australia’s Ningaloo coral reef given more protection.

A landmark decision has been made in Australia to increase protection of the Ningaloo Coral Reef, one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders. The decision results in increased protection from fishing in the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park from 10 to 34 per cent.

Everyone at work is very excited about this news! Word has it that there is a bit of bad news coming about damage already done to the reef, but regardless this is a big step forward and something to celebrate. It was a big win for the community as well – WWF only became involved in the project late in the piece, for much of the campaign lobbying was carried out by local community and celebrities.

We’ll be launching a tool for volunteers to sign up to help with a turtle tracking program soon (today or tomorrow) which we hope will extend community involvement in protecting this beautiful reef.

Update: we just posted some more info on Ningaloo and the decision.

  • Thats fantastic Grant! Im glad you put some good news up here, I was starting to feel pretty depressed!!

    I had heard a while back the first “victory” to save the reef wasnt good enough and it seemed that most people in Australia thought the battle was over, and they didnt realise that damage would still be done – so I am glad to see that it is now properly protected from this point on…

    Bet you are loving that job huh?


    love Spiral Girl

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