Green power experience

I’m talking a little out of shop here, but… I was wondering if anyone would like to share their experience – in any level of detail, but the deeper the better – of setting up green power for their home. We are looking for some general information about the experience of consumers connecting to clean energy to inform an article we are thinking about doing.

Leave a comment here or email me if you have any information you’d like to share. If you were/are planning to get green power at home soon, please let me know. Thanks.

  • we were part of the Energex Earths Choice green power program when we rented – but we did find it pretty expensive – we paid an EXTRA $20 a month, on top of the normal power bill to contribute to green power – but this only covered about a third of the power we were consuming ( so 2/3 was effectivly coming from non green sources) It was just to expensive for us to do any more than that….I wanted to, we just couldnt afford it

    Now that we are living at my parents house, we are paying their power bills while we use the power, so we have no ability to use green power at the moment as its their house and their account……

    If we were to ever buy a house ( which seems very unlikely) Id like to look into other green power such as solar…..

    dont know if any of this is helpful at all???

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