Begins and ends…

Over five years ago (on the July 30 1999 if I remember correctly) Glance took the stage at the Three Weeds hotel in Rozelle for our first show. On December 23 we will be playing at Spectrum for our penultimate gig – after two EPs and nearly 100 gigs we’ve decided to call it a day.

We’ll be playing one more show in January with Toby (after his return from the UK). And then that will be it – the end of a musical chapter in my life, one of which has been immensely fulfilling and enjoyable, and one of which I’m incredibly proud. There were a number of factors that affected the decision to hang up the gig bags (for this band anyway), but we’re all still great friends and it’s all very amicable.

Barry and Dave are continuing on with The Devoted Few (their show at the Annandale Hotel last night was awesome as usual!). Toby and I are cooking up something new (we still don’t have a name!) as well. So although Glance is coming to an end, we’ll all be keeping on making music and staying in touch. And I’m looking forward to what’s coming next…

  • Two words: That Sux! No, make it four words: That Sux Big Time! Glance was the only thing that gave meaning to my miserable, worthless existence.

  • Sad to see the end of a great aussie band – perhaps a bit before its time. Whilst everyone else was doing “try-hard-alternative-rock-garage-agro-post-punk crap”, here was a band with well written songs, interesting melodies and harmonies, and people that could actually play. No wonder it never took off…

    Best of luck for both of the two halves. Hope to hear the new project soon. And I missed the devoted few when they were up here last, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to see them sometime too.

  • This is very sad news indeed.
    One of my favourite bands ever and an inspiration to my own musical endeavours.

    You guys will be sadly missed.

    Good luck with the new stuff, hope to hear some of it soon.

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