GM crop movements

ABC News Online: GM canola crops no threat: Bayer.

So the company that’s pushing for the adoption of GM crops says it’s ok. And we’re meant to believe them, despite skepticism from farmers and green groups. Right…

The claim that seed has been distributed outside the research zone through floods is unsettling. This is one of the key issues with GM crop research – we don’t know enough yet to determine how GM crops will spread inadvertently and our government is unwilling to properly regulate this research until we do know enough.

  • I was reading a very interesting, not to mention depressing, article about GM in Wellbeing Magazine today. There was so much more to the GM issue than I was aware of, and I thought I was pretty up to speed about the whole thing…I really recommend the article if you can handle the $12 coverprice ( I didnt realise it was that expensive until i had eft the store, must have been in a daze that day!)

    Essentially the news is all bad with GM and the worst thing is that the news isnt getting out to the general public….sadly I think in the future I think we will all be paying the price for this experiment…and our grandkids will be asking why we didnt work harder to stop this evil…man I feel depressed now…..

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