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Jason Kottke: Fearing food and frightful eating.

Reading David Suzuki’s “Good News for a Change” really changed my view about our food and agricultural habits. I’m still not great with choosing organic when I go shoping (but getting better), but all signs point to this being the future of food. Not GM, nor chemical pesticides and fertilisers. But working with nature’s cycles and evolved systems.

  • Organic foods are something that I would love to use more of – but the cost is something that is a bit of a problem! The costs are coming down as more people start to use organics, but the extra cost of labour ( hand removal of weeds etc) will always keep the cost slightly above that of the sprayers…..If its a little bit I dont mind paying it at all….but when things are double the price I cant justify it.

    I just buy organic when I can – organic markets are the best as they can sometimes even be cheaper than shop bought non organic

    the spiralling one

  • Just for your info, there is a musician over here in england called matthew herbert. He recently put on a group called plat du jour. something crazy about combining music with cooking?? i dont know much about it, but its certainly an interesting performance/music idea!

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