Band news

Had another rehearsal with the new band tonight. They’re getting more constructive as we all start to find out what works and how we each approach things. I threw a loop out to the other guys tonight and what eventuated was pretty cool – I think I want to do some more of that.

I’m having really mixed feelings about how it’s all coming out. I’m really liking the results, albeit different to what I expected, but what I’m grappling with most is just where exactly we’re going to play live. The sound of the band is not the typical stuff that I would expect to hear at the local music venues that I frequent. Perhaps I’m over analysing (not an uncommon occurrence!), I don’t know. I’m trying to stay open to the process and just letting things come out rather than forcing things in a certain direction = the best approach methinks – but it’s still a bit confusing.

On another front I really want to get the full version Ableton Live. I’ve been playing with the demo and it pretty much does everything I want/need to get the whole loops and samples thing happening. I’ll have to wait for some money to drop out of the sky or something…