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Just picked up a copy of Sarah Blasko’s new disc – “The Overture and The Underscore”. One word: WOW!!! I’ve heard a couple of tracks of the CD in Barry’s car on the way home from a gig a few weeks back and it’s even better than I anticipated. I’m still on my first listen. I’ll post some more indepth thoughts once the CD has sunk in a little.

BTW, Youthgroup are playing tonight at the Bowlers Club (York St, Sydney) – well worth checking out…

  • I have to get that CD!!! I have her last one and I have been waiting for the new one to come out – Im glad its that good!

    love, the spiralling one

  • This is unreal!! Fantastic in fact, I beat you all by weeks. lol It’s a damn good album in which tempo is understated, almost subliminal.

  • As I said to you on Sunday, I reckon it’s magic. Great production, great sounds, great everything. My only question is why do most people know who Missy Higgins is, yet you bring up Sarah Blasko in a general pub conversation and get blank expressions all round? Tragic!!

  • Ahhhh, finally people are starting to pick up on her brilliant style. Its so refreshing. She is quite amazing. When I was engineering about 2 years ago at The Brass Monkey (Then called Test Bay 4) she played one night. At the time she was going by the name of Soriah or something similar, still with her guitarist/keyboard player. I was totally blown away that night, but at the time she didnt even have a demo CD to get a hold of. I bought the album on the day of release and it is quite special.

    BTW, i would say the reason Missy Higgins is well known is, firstly, she is a Triple J unearthed winner, then more importantly is Managed By John Watson on his eleven label. Whatever that guy touches in regards to music turns to Gold (as in records)

    He’s doing something right. He obviously learnt how to Market and promote very well during his years at Sony.

  • Okay, so I’m a little late in responding (!) but I too agree with the comments; I just hope Blasko is spared being played on MIX (unlike Higgins).
    Blasko is almost Australia’s answer to Karin Bergquist (Over the Rhine) which is hard to beat with those ethereal tones.

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