Recollections of the week

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front this week settling into my new job. I’m still very excited about it all, which is a good thing! I had the opportunity to go to a team dinner on Wednesday night and of course we had farewell drinks for Andrew, the person whose shoes I hope to fill.

The first half of the week, expectedly, I felt a bit out of place – not quite sure who everyone was, what my role exactly was, how things worked. By the end of the week I felt a lot more productive – I’ve put together a new theme for the website (based on our new branding guidelines) and prepared a new feature article ready to launch at the end of the month. And I’ve started work on a cool little tool as part of the climate change campaign. It’s still baby steps, but it feels good to actually be putting together something concrete for the site.

It’s clear to me that this job rocks! I’m going to really enjoy it. After we get the next campaign launch out of the way my focus is going to be moving to reviewing the site’s current information architecture (structure), content and purpose with a view to shift the site to a more action/issues-based and supporter oriented site. It is clear from my discussions with Andrew, and my boss Andy, that this has been a long-term goal of theirs, so I’m really glad to be in the position to take the site to the next level.

One thing (of many) that Andrew does really well is Flash features – particularly those that interact with data in the back-end – like this one. My Flash skills are rudimentary to say the least, but I’d really like to get more of these types of features on the site, so I’ll have to work out a way to make that happen.

The team is really great – lots of really talented people with diverse backgrounds and interests and varied personalities. This is an unusual position for me – having worked solo as a consultant or in startups I haven’t had the opportunity to work in an organisation this size before. It’s sure to be challenging on a personal level, but those challenges are welcome – a great opportunity for personal growth.

All in all I feel really good about my position and I’m really looking forward to the coming months. After making the leap a few months ago it all seems to be falling into place – far better than I ever expected. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment, emailed me or called to pass on their congratulations and support. I have felt a wonderful sense of community and friendship from everyone which has made transitioning so much easier. Onward!!!