Bring it on!

I met up with (most of) the people that I will be working with at WWF this morning. I am going to love this job!!! Talking with Andrew was awesome – I learnt a lot about the organisation and the direction of the website and it is right where I want to be!

I also had a chance to learn a bit more about the technical detail of the job. I will be working on a Mac (yay me!). The content management system (CMS) that Andrew has developed is excellent – it was all pretty much self explanatory so I know I’ll be able to get my head around it quickly. A lot of work has gone into the system and I don’t think that I’ll have to do much to close out the bits and pieces that Andrew identified as incomplete. It uses PEAR and a great little template system called Smarty – both cool tools to make it easier to manage the site.

There seems to be a lot of scope in my role to help define the direction of the site moving forward and Andrew and I seemed to be very much on the same page in terms of where the possibilities lie. I won’t be doing a thing though until I have a much better understanding of the organisation, its people and goals, and where my input would be most valued. But if I was looking forward to the new job before, I’m absolutely pumped now. This is sooooooo cool!!! Someone pinch me 😉

  • i remember a while back when you made a big leap into the unknown and you were scared about where it would take you and you thought you might be crazy to give up on your last job…..its wonderful to see that it was the right path to take and that you will be where you belong

    Enjoy it, and be aware that just by going to work everyday you are making the world a better place!

    Spiral girl

  • I just hope you’re not hogging all the luck this quarter. if you’ve any surplus, email it my way, please 😉

  • Pinched … I bet it’s still cool, though. Nice one, mate. Bout time you had a job worth gettin’ up for 😉

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