I was at a workshop a while back and one of the sessions I went to was looking at how our democracy actually works. One of the things said that I found incredible was that with 35% of the votes, the Liberals had a majority in the house of reps. I didn’t get a chance to follow that statement up – so I don’t know if it’s true. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find stats on the actual primary votes rather than the percentage after preferences?

  • Thanks Ash. I can only seem to find seats won at the end of that link – not a breakdown of the total primary vote i.e. the % of people that voted for the Liberal candidate as their first choice, rather than the result for a seat based on all votes including preferences from other candidates flowing to the Liberals.

    Am I missing something? TIA.

  • mmmm, OK (thought that was kinda a wierd request… bit too easy!)

    Try this one instead – percentage of primary vote by party (with 94.64% of the primary vote counted):

    Personally, I was amazed to learn that the greens outpolled the nationals on first preferences.



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