WWF + Me

So… Now that it’s all official I can spill the beans. As of October 15 I will be joining WWF Australia as Technical Online Producer. (I will be continuing at TRS until next Friday.)

What does that involve I hear you ask? Well – I’m not 100% clear on all the finer detail, but in essence I am responsible for the maintenance of the WWF Australia website and working with the media & communications and fundraising teams to refine and implement WWF’s online strategy. My role fits in the media & communications team, which includes a copywriter formerly from AAP among six others.

Needless to say I am absolutely stoked!!! The interview process has taken place over the past two weeks, but for obvious reasons I haven’t been able to talk about it here. It feels like the absolute perfect position for me – it ties in my social and environmental activism with my technical skills as my day job! I can’t think of anything better. It has a more strategic focus too, a bit less hands on, which means I can really sink my teeth into the role.

What’s even better is that it’s clear that the work already done by Andrew (the person whose shoes I will be attempting to fill) looks to be excellent – they already have RSS in place and the home page is standards compliant. Judging from the interviews I did the organisation is already strongly supportive of web standards, which will make things much easier for me. The back-end is LAMP (that’s Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) which is slightly unfamiliar territory for me technically, but I believe I have enough experience to get up to speed fairly quickly (the Glance website is exactly that). Apparently I need to know Mac OS X too, but obviously that’s not an issue for me 😉

I am soooo excited and I feel so privileged to be able to fulfill a long-standing dream of combining my personal values with my professional life. I’m still pinching myself a little – I can’t wait to start!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me during the past few months of upheaval and change – your support in following my heart has been truly appreciated.

  • DUDE!!!!! That is awesome news – congratulations! I will be calling you tomorrow to talk in person!!

  • Great news Grant! Well done. I had the interview earlier in the week. Obviously I didn’t throw them too much! 😉

    Does that mean you will get to travel the world with them at all?

  • Thanks guys.

    To James: I wish! I think I’ll be fixed in Sydney for some time, which is fine for me 🙂 Thanks for your kind words and reference…

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