I’ve been too busy this week to blog the election shenanigans. Besides – I’ve probably said enough over the past few months about it anyways – so I don’t need to tell you to NOT VOTE FOR HOWARD!!!! He is bad for the country – even if you agree with some of his policies (I can’t say I do) the man himself is, as Labor have (welcomely) pointed out in their ads, UN-BELIEVABLE.

From the Tampa incident, “Children Overboard”, the SIEV-X, refugees, the “War on Terror”, the Kyoto Protocol and global warming and the War on Iraq – Howard and his co-horts have lied and manipulated the fear in the community to divide our country and alienate and isolate us internationally.

Although economically things have been going well, Howard has been milking previous gains and stealing from our children’s futures (environmentally, financially, and intellectually) to keep things afloat. They have no plan for the future (see their ads – tell me where amongst them any policy has been put forward) and they have been irresponsibly attempting to “buy” votes with a ridiculous spending spree that, gladly, hasn’t been matched by Labor.

Their ideology is slanted to the corporate class, despite claiming the “battlers” as his own. From head to toe Howard, Ruddock, Nelson and Abbot have been wreaking havoc with our country. Please, please, please do your part tomorrow to get rid of him out of office.

I’ll be voting Labor in the House of Reps (we have a Labor-Left candidate in our electorate) and the Dems in the Senate. Choose wisely, and lets send this bastard home!!!!!!!!

  • AGree with all that Grant has said here. People please make this vote count. It is probably one of the most important election for some time to come and will have an effect on how we as people and a country treat (and in turn are treated by) the world in general.

    Lets get rid of Howard, choose carefully and make sure preferences aren’t going to vote him back in!!!!!

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