Refugees: Forgotten People

The Democrats remind us that the supposed “enemy of the people” from the last election campaign are still suffering, but lost in the public mind in amongst record spending sprees and campaign launches.

There are still hundreds of people, including children, still being traumatised in long-term immigration detention, one for over six years,” said Democrats’ Leader Senator Andrew Bartlett releasing the party’s comprehensive refugee package in Adelaide today.

I’ve been reading a bunch of the Dems press releases – they continue to impress me on policy decisions. I’ll be voting Labor in the house of reps (mainly because we have a Labor-Left candidate in the seat I live in) but I will be voting the Dems in the Senate. They’re the only party that seems to call things the way I see things. Sometimes I disagree on certain topics, of course, but on the whole they are balanced and fair and forward thinking.

And one things for certain, we need the Dems in the senate to keep all the bastards honest, whichever side of the political fence they come from…