Music thangs

Had a gig on Friday at the Hopetoun. I had an absolute blast! I felt we played really well – from the first song I felt we were right in the pocket – and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves. Playing to a good crowd helped a lot too. And the bands on the bill for the rest of the night were great too – which gave me an excuse to let my hair down a little and enjoy some great music. The Pyramidiacs were a definite surprise – they haven’t played in 18 months. A different vibe to what I’m used to at the Hoey, but very enjoyable. Also picked up a copy of The Suits EP – they sounded great despite an extraordinarily long day.

Barry told me on the night the awesome news that The Devoted Few are going to be playing the Metro on the 23rd! Congrats! I’ll definitely be there to check them out.

I also had a second jam with the guys in the new band I’m starting. Tried some different things – mainly just getting a feel for where everyone goes in a jam situation, starting from scratch. Got some interesting things happening – a new song based on a riff that’s been hanging around in my head for a while, and a complete re-working of an older song that I’ve never really been happy with. Very cool.

What was strange for me was jamming like that when I’m not on bass. I really didn’t know what to do with myself at times. I ended up playing keys a fair bit – doing melodic and rhythmic kinda things. I feel very much like an imposter doing that though. I’m sure it will feel more natural in time. The new acoustic sounded great too – except for the buzzing, must get that fixed. In fact I need to get a few things organised (keyboard stands, leads, capos and the like). Still very exciting – but also very new. I’m liking how things are progressing though – a definite challenge.