Mac Addict

So, I got out of bed this morning to put together some resumes and drop them off at some local music stores. In the process I submitted my resume for a position as Mac salesperson, had an interview, and got the job! (Well, near as damn it – still got some paperwork etc. to deal with, but in essence I’ve got it…)

So, as of October 5 I’m officially a Mac nut! Not that I wasn’t already, but now I get paid to do it. The role is predominently just retail and corporate sales, but it will also probably include some design work and a focus on audio technology. It’s a small team and the people I met today seem lovely. TRS are known to be pretty good at what they do – so hopefully I’ll be able to continue and extend that tradition. So… if you need a Mac – you know who to call 😉

I’m pretty chuffed because things have been so up-in-the-air of late – it’s quite stressful. That, plus it’s giving me retail experience which I really wanted to get. And if the audio side of things takes off, it’ll be even better! Very relieved. Very happy 🙂

As an aside – I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has experience with TRS either as a customer or former-employee – good or bad. Just give me a feel for what I should be working towards and what I might expect.

Update: I just officially accepted the offer…

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