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I just don’t know when to stop. I don’t have the cash, but I fell in love with one of these (the CL – on the right in the picture) and bought it on the weekend. I have wanted a performance-grade acoustic for some time (my Yamaha is really only suitable for home hacking) and when I played this one I just knew it was the one. Plus, given I’m starting something new I figured I’d better get my own guitar (instead of leaning on Barry’s generosity all the time!)

It’s slightly smaller than a full-size acoustic, but it has a very full sound both acoustically and through it’s built-in pickup. I tried the same model at a different store and it sounded nothing like the one I got (luck of the draw sometimes with these things). The only downside is a buzz affecting the low E and D strings – but this is easily fixed with a setup.

Very happy with the purchase (and it seems I’m not the only happy camper) – but now I need really watch my spending for a while!

  • Well done dude.

    I must also make a confession. I trading my Guild Acoustic for a brand New Fender Telecaster (Mex) Standard and a new Fender 100watt 2×12 amplifier on Saturday. It sounds amazing, such a beautiful clean sound. Its not a valve amp but still sounds amazing. I will (if needed) upgrade to a Fender Deluxe or Deville in time, but for now this current amp has great tone and is LOUD! New gear rules. Sean and I wrote like 3 or 4 new songs on the weekend after we got back to my place with it.

    The song we wrote yesterday (sean came up with the guitar part) is awesome. Will be one of my favs in our collection.

    I had made the decision to stay in Aust for quite a bit longer now as I really want to play our album live and get another one completed also with Sean. Our musical connection is too great to turn my back on it at this stage. I really want to gig in a real band sense again for a while, have been very re-motivated by The Devoted Few, Bluebottle Kiss, Glance and Midnight Swim gig in the last few months.

    Anyway, hope the Maton brings many similar experiences your way dude.


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