Powell on Sudan

Reuters reports on Colin Powell’s recent comments:

“I hope they realize that they need to get out of a situation they find themselves in. They need to get out of being seen by the world as responsible for the death of tens upon tens of thousands of people,” Powell told Reuters.

I understand the need for Powell to use diplomatic language, but “being seen by the world as responsible” is a bit soft – they’re being seen this way because there are clear and well documented links between the jinjaweed and the government, and the government itself has been witnessed attacking civilians on many occasions.

From a recent Amnesty USA email out:

Amnesty International has finally been granted access to the region where more than a million people have been displaced, 200,000 have sought refuge across the border, more than 30,000 have been killed, thousands of women and girls have been raped, and hundreds of villages have been destroyed.

This is one small step forward – in a situation that is become as desperate as predicted…