From within

Jeff Jarvis posts an interesting take on how to stop (as opposed to respond to) terrorism. He has some interesting points, some I agree with.

And yet Jeff supports the war on Iraq, in which his government, with his support, has killed almost 12,000 people. And not for credible linkages with terror (not before the war at least). Maybe that sword cuts both ways? Perhaps the people of the US need to exporess “the revulsion any civilized soul should” at the acts of their own government and the impact that those actions have on the innocents of Iraq. Or Afghanistan. (And there are plenty of other examples). Yes, there are terrorists in Afghanistan, but the “Coalition of the Willing” is making the civilians pay for crimes they did not commit, and were unable to stop.

As an aside: ordinarily the kind of opinion Jeff presents is one I dismiss outright as completely hypocritical – I wouldn’t even bother responding. But I read Jeff’s blog regularly – I see the variety of viewpoints he presents. He is intelligent and articulate. And I find it difficult to dismiss. I also find it difficult to marry his seemingly extreme views on the war on Iraq with the views he presents on other matters.