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Went for another interview today – this time in the tech field (job title was DHTML guru – not quite sure I fit the bill, but I applied anyway). I have to admit I had very mixed feelings about this one. I really want to move out of the tech sector (not 100% sure why), but the job is in an area of interest for me, and given the resounding lack of certainty about the other things I’ve applied for, it’s nice to be applying for something with a bit of familiarity.

Overall the interview went well, I think. Have to admit I felt a lot more confident going into this one than the other day. Probably to be expected really, given I’ve been doing this stuff for eight years now (my how time flies!), but it was nice to have that confidence again, even if for a moment — been feeling very much on the back foot of late.

In other news, I’ve organised a jam with some (musical) friends of mine to happen next week – the first real step towards starting a band to perform the songs I’ve been doing solo for a while (ones that don’t quite fit the Glance vibe). Very exciting, very scary. It’s weird – while I’ve kinda become comfortable with performing my stuff in solo acoustic mode, the minute I open that up to include other people I get very self-conscious and unconfident. Another emotion to learn to deal with I suppose!

All in all I’m really looking forward to it. At the very least it will be an interesting experience – at best it will turn into something special.

  • hey grant. good luck with the job search. i resigned from chas yesterday! chrissy decs have had enough of my life, now it’s time to go do some things i actually care about. a great quote from a song i keep thinking of to keep me focused is “with all my might, i’m gonna go do what i like”. and i am. it’s all pretty scarey tho….

  • Hey dude, good to hear about the jam thing. I am sure it will turn out great. Hope to see and hear the fruits beofre I leave these here shores for the not so sunny isles of the UK.

    PS, DOnt fall back into something you dont want to do work wise, you have made a brave step so far, stick with your heart and follow what it says. Things will always work out that way, you will grow and learn in the way you really want to.

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