Archiving bits

Just last night I was wandering through the Art Gallery of NSW and commenting that during the early years of photography, we lost a lot of information when black and white photography became popular. I had that thought as I was looking at paintings from the 1800s in full colour that were very photo-realistic – and I think to the black and white photos that “lost” that colour information. We have a picture of those times that is coloured (pun intended) due to the lack of colour information in the archived format. Update 13-Nov-2006: that link seems broken – try this one instead.

While I was having this internal dialogue last night I was thinking about the archiving of digital images, particularly digital photographic images, and their suitability for archiving. I’ve read on numerous occasions the problems with archiving digital material – not only the media that is used to store the material, but also the formats used. I already have disks that can no longer be used due to lack of drives that support them. And I’m aware that some digital formats are rarely supported in todays graphic editors that were popular a few years back.

With all this in mind I was interested to see (via iStockphoto that Adobe have announced Digital Negative (DNG) that aims to standardise the different RAW digital photograph formats. Not only does it have implications in current working environments for digital photographers, but it also may mean that we have a fairly stable format for archiving purposes.

More lies?

ABC News Online: Allies ‘planned’ Iraq war despite denials.

Full battle plans were issued on October 31, 2002, eight days before UN Resolution 1441 called for the resumption of arms inspections in Iraq and warned Saddam of “serious consequences” if he were still seeking weapons of mass destruction, the paper said.

This is one of those “d’uh! we knew that” kind of things – but this, provided the report is accurate and authentic, is official confirmation of something that was not only denied by Mr Blair, but also Mr Howard. Interesting to see how this is pursued by the Australian press, and Labor.

Last Day

Well, the day has finally arrived – today is my last day at NETaccounts (as a full-time employee anyway – I’m still involved, but not on a day-to-day basis). I have to say I’m relieved and excited about what’s coming next. The stress of being a business owner can get to be a bit much sometimes and I’ll be glad to have a break from it, at least for a while.

I’ve had a great time at NETaccounts – the people involved are all excellent to work with and have been immensely supportive of me throughout my time there. I do sincerely hope that the business continues to grow and become more successful in time, and I am immensely proud of what we’ve achieved so far. The planned upgrade for later this year will take the product to the next level – I can’t wait to see it launched and to get the reaction back from our existing and new customers.

Next Tuesday I start at TRS – a very different role and one I am looking forward to. As I’m known to do, I’ve started another weblog that’s directly related to my work. This one’s called AudioMacX (that’s meant to be pronounced audio-max) that is basically a collection of news about Mac-based audio production and creation. It’s in it’s infancy, and already has a second contributer, but keep an eye on it if that’s a topic of interest.

Onward and upward!

Refugees: Forgotten People

The Democrats remind us that the supposed “enemy of the people” from the last election campaign are still suffering, but lost in the public mind in amongst record spending sprees and campaign launches.

There are still hundreds of people, including children, still being traumatised in long-term immigration detention, one for over six years,” said Democrats’ Leader Senator Andrew Bartlett releasing the party’s comprehensive refugee package in Adelaide today.

I’ve been reading a bunch of the Dems press releases – they continue to impress me on policy decisions. I’ll be voting Labor in the house of reps (mainly because we have a Labor-Left candidate in the seat I live in) but I will be voting the Dems in the Senate. They’re the only party that seems to call things the way I see things. Sometimes I disagree on certain topics, of course, but on the whole they are balanced and fair and forward thinking.

And one things for certain, we need the Dems in the senate to keep all the bastards honest, whichever side of the political fence they come from…

Music to my ears

David Weinberger: My Tuesday with the World Economy Forum.

These are smart people and I liked talking with them. They were willing to listen. Some, in fact, even agree to varying degrees. But they are riding beasts that are in agony, and the Internet will be a sticky stain on the bottom of their massive hooves.

Great post on the topic of big media and the net. I’m glad David was there to put forward his perspective. Hopefully it did some good…

Music thangs

Had a gig on Friday at the Hopetoun. I had an absolute blast! I felt we played really well – from the first song I felt we were right in the pocket – and we all seemed to enjoy ourselves. Playing to a good crowd helped a lot too. And the bands on the bill for the rest of the night were great too – which gave me an excuse to let my hair down a little and enjoy some great music. The Pyramidiacs were a definite surprise – they haven’t played in 18 months. A different vibe to what I’m used to at the Hoey, but very enjoyable. Also picked up a copy of The Suits EP – they sounded great despite an extraordinarily long day.

Barry told me on the night the awesome news that The Devoted Few are going to be playing the Metro on the 23rd! Congrats! I’ll definitely be there to check them out.

I also had a second jam with the guys in the new band I’m starting. Tried some different things – mainly just getting a feel for where everyone goes in a jam situation, starting from scratch. Got some interesting things happening – a new song based on a riff that’s been hanging around in my head for a while, and a complete re-working of an older song that I’ve never really been happy with. Very cool.

What was strange for me was jamming like that when I’m not on bass. I really didn’t know what to do with myself at times. I ended up playing keys a fair bit – doing melodic and rhythmic kinda things. I feel very much like an imposter doing that though. I’m sure it will feel more natural in time. The new acoustic sounded great too – except for the buzzing, must get that fixed. In fact I need to get a few things organised (keyboard stands, leads, capos and the like). Still very exciting – but also very new. I’m liking how things are progressing though – a definite challenge.


A little while ago I saw a doco on the Australian Chamber Orchestra. In it I saw a section (or perhaps it was the whole thing, I don’t know) of a piece called “Four Transylvanian Dances”. In the few seconds I saw it absolutely blew me away – literally had me on the edge of my seat. I missed the composer’s name at the time, but jotted down the title of the piece.

On Sunday I picked up a performance of the piece on CD by the ACO. The composer is Sandor Varess, and the part that I saw was movement 4 “Dobbantius”. It is really short (2 mins 17 secs) but it as amazing as I remember. Very inspiring… The rest of the CD is great too – but that’s definitely the standout….


Teeny little beef I have – when you go for a job interview and you get zero response after the fact… Normally I would show the initiative and call back anyway, but I have a job and don’t see the need. I’ve been for two job interviews that I feel fairly confident I didn’t get and I received no response from the companies I applied to. Fair enough not to do it for people that you haven’t interviewed, but if you have a shortlist of people you interview I would have thought that some form of notification, even via email, indicating that you didn’t get the position would show a little respect to the interviewees.

This is certainly how we felt when we hired at NETaccounts. I personally contacted the three unsuccessful interviewees after we had chosen the successful candidate. It’s a courtesy and shows respect to the interviewees as people. It amazes me that this isn’t standard practice (apparently it’s a rare thing to receive notification when you are unsuccessful). The one exception so far has been Amnesty International. Figures… the only organisation that does the right thing, IMO, is the non-business/non-government organisation.

Gig tomorrow night

For those of you that don’t already know, my band Glance are playing at the Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills, tomorrow night. We’re on at 8pm – so if you are thinking of coming along it’d be great if you could drag your mates from after-work drinks with you too 😉

It’s our first Friday night gig at the Hopetoun (certainly the first I can remember – Barry will probably tell me I’m full of it) – so we’re really hoping to make a good impression. hope to see some of y’all there…

iPod recording

I’ve been waiting for this for some time. I’ve always thought that a product like that would be perfect for taking a desk mix at a gig/rehearsal etc. Records at 16-bit/8kHz – I presume this is a limitation of the iPod itself. That’s not great – but worth looking into anyway. It certainly seems to fall well behind the iRiver (Damian bought one recently) – I assume that it does CD quality recording (16bit/44.1kHz).

The iPod, with from 15GB to 40GB capacity, is a handy portable storage device. Sean’s looking to use one for storing photos from a digital camera. It’s a pity it seems the recording capabilities are so ordinary.