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Some friends of mine have invited me to play at Mars Hill Cafe (on Church St, Parramatta – near Riverside Theatre) on Saturday night. I’ll be doing a 45 minute set at about 9pm I’d guess. I have one brand new track I’m hoping to play for the first time (if I can get the lyrics finished in time), plus two tracks that I’ve only played once or twice before – so it should be a lot of fun (well – it always is for me).

  • Hey dude,

    Thanks for playing at Mars Hill on Sat night. As always it was a pleasure to watch and listen. Putting Out Fires is one of my fav songs ever, it is in my top 10 songs of all time and I love it more when you play it. I think you should do it for your solo (new band) album.

    Speaking of which, I hope to see this project as one that happens very soon. I would love to see you play before I leave the country. I am also very interested in hearing (and buying) the album when it comes out.

    I imagine that Glance gets less time to do stuff these high profile band that probably takes up quite alot of their musical time. You should not let this mean you play less.

    Your songs deserve to be heard dude, they are awesome. Magnify is another song that is great.

  • Thanks Jai – it was fun to play – sorry I had to knock off so soon afterwards, but we had a nightmare on public transport that night, plus my friend was feeling /very/ under the weather.

    The new thang is underway – getting together with Sean, Tobes and Damian next week (I hope – still organising), so we’ll see how we go. Will be some time, though, before we’ll be recording I think. Take it as it comes I suppose. I’ll obviously keep you posted as things progres…

  • Cool dude. SHould be great.

    Cant wait to hear some material. It will be good to hear it from London, keep me in touch with the Sydney indie scene a little. I will miss parts of the music in Sydney, I really like the inner city Indie scene, but I am also really looking forward to opening my eyes and ears to new things overseas everywhere. Especially keen on London, Dublin and Paris.

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