The Devoted Few have a new album coming out on Monday called “The Billboard Noises”. I’ve already had a sneak peak, and I can’t wait to get an “official” copy. Because I’m friends with the folks in the band (Barry and Dave from my band Glance are also in TDF) I’ve been offered a pre-release copy of the CD on a couple of occasions, but I’ve refused (strange but true). For some reason I really want to walk into my local record store and buy the finished, polished product. So, I’ll be checking out the shops down at Newtown on Sunday to see if there’s a few early copies in.

The launch gig is on September 16 at the Hopetoun hotel, but they’re playing there tomorrow night and Sunday (acoustically). I’d love to make both shows, but I think I’ll have to keep it to tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Dave play with them again (this’ll be the third show I’ve seen with Dave on geetar) – now that he has a few shows under his belt should be even better than last time!