Don’t get it

Neither Labor or Liberal get the environmental crisis we face, as this excerpt from an ALP media release clearly demonstrates:

Meanwhile, Australia has 140 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that could be transformed into liquid transport fuels using currently available technology.† To meet just half of Australia’s current demand for refined products for the next 30 years, Australia would need to use only about 45 trillion cubic feet of gas, or less than a third of our known reserves, leaving plenty for export markets.

We are living in a long now in which 30 years is like a minute. Chewing up 30% of known reserves of a natural resource for 50% of our needs is not a sustainable option. When will they wake up to it? We need to invest in renewable sources of energy if we are to still be sitting on the planet in 100 years time. Sure, invest in interim technologies (natural gas may be one of them), but this should only ever be a short-term response, with a long-term response well underway.