Not controversial

Tim Wu: “He�s right. Years of DMCA & term extension criticism can easily boil down to ‘not controversial.'”

Point taken: it may be controversial to some of us, but the rallying cry of opposition has been around local cultural content on national TV and the PBS, not on the copyright term extensions. I for one didn’t even think to write my local member about this – what is likely to happen? With our current government we are highly unlikely to get any traction with opposition to things like the FTA, and the opposition has largely done little to oppose the agreement at all (despite the political point scoring taking place now).

It is a silly situation, and as Tim points out in a later post, there is little reasoning behind the extension, certainly from a public interest perspective. Obviously it is commercial interests that are being looked after in such moves.

Update: Some additional discussion at Ars Technica.

P.S: My apologies to Tim Wu – I incorrectly attributed the quotes mentioned in this post to Larry Lessig, forgetting that Tim Wu is guest blogging at the moment. (Thanks to John who pointed this out in the comments)

  • Grant,

    Not to be a stickler, but that was a Tim Wu post and shouldn’t be attributed to Larry Lessig.

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