Sudan action?

ABC Online: UN too slow to act on Darfur crisis: Downer.

Australia has increased its aid commitment to Sudan from $8 to $20 million and says it would consider sending a small number of peacekeeping troops.

A good sign. Jim Moore has more…

One statement in the Moore piece struck me:

… the US administration and congress have privately agreed that a military force is needed immediately …

This rings very ominously to me. One of the key failures of the US government in launching it’s pre-emptive attack on Iraq without international support can be found in the reaction I have to that statement. When military force is truly required (and by all reports that I have seen this is the case in Sudan – alongside a much larger committment of aid) the US government has zero credibility when making statements like this because of the abuse of power in the case of Iraq. One can only hope that future administrations temper their use of the call to force and choose not to embark on fruitless escapades that impede the state’s ability to act in times of true need.

All that said, it is promising that a truly international committment to the Sudan situation is building. This can only be a good thing, not only in terms of the Sudanese people, but also in rebuilding confidence in multilateral institutions and initiatives.