As I mentioned last week, a lots been going on. Unfortunately a distinct lack of time, and a respect for timing my announcement, have meant that I’ve not been able to talk about what’s been going on.

So, what’s happening?

As of October 1, I will no longer be working full-time for NETaccounts. The decision has been a long time coming and has involved a lot of thinking and reflection before I decided what I needed to do. I am extremely proud of what I’ve achieved with NETaccounts and there’s a big part of me that does not want to leave. It has been a great place to work, a tremendous challenge, and a privilege to work with the people there: Marc, Emma, Jusa, James and Will. I have learnt so much and been so warmly and unconditionally supported, which made my decision all the more difficult.

But in the end, being honest with myself, I have come to realise that the IT business is not where my heart is at anymore. In fact, as much as I enjoy it, I have begun to question how exactly I ended up where I am (which I think is part of the issue).

When I look deeply at the kind of person that I want to be, and the kind of things that I want my professional and personal efforts to achieve, I realise there is a rather broad disconnect between what I do for a living (being building software), and how I want to live (don’t get me wrong – NETaccounts does a lot of great things in this regard, more than any employer I’ve worked for). This disconnect has existed for a very long time and only now do I really feel that I am confident enough to start doing the things that I love.

So what are those things? I am passionate about music – performing and writing. I am passionate about advocating for human rights, especially in the area of workers rights and ethical business practices. I am passionate about spiritual learning and personal development. And I am passionate about my relationships with the people who are important to me (an aspect of my life that I feel I all too often fall short in).

It’s no secret that I am working with a great bunch of people to start an ethical fashion label. It’s also no secret that I play in a band – but I am also hoping now to have some energy to commit to performing my own material with a full band. I will still be involved with NETaccounts, as I really want to see it succeed, and, as I said to someone last night, see the product grow up some more before I let go. I also have another IT project that combines music and coding, but that’s probably going to be a slow burn.

I still have to earn a crust, though, and I really don’t know what is going to come next in that regard. I don’t have any concrete plans. Of course I have ideas. And, in my stronger moments, a willingness for the adventure.

In weaker moments I think to myself “Wtf am I doing? Why am I leaving a perfectly good job? And for what?” All I know is that something is missing and I need to change what I am doing to find it. As a friend of mine wisely says (I think it’s a Covey quote) “The biggest enemy of great is good.” I’m heeding that advice and venturing into a great unknown.

Of course, I’m scared shitless. Last time I did this it ended in tears. I can only have faith that I am older, wiser, and that this is the right thing for me to do, and not a reaction to anything sub-conscious that I don’t understand yet. Only time will tell I suppose…

Wish me luck 🙂


  • Dude, you will acheive all you wish for. It is refreshing to see someone else who is willing to stand up for their beliefs, even though this often comes at at personal cost.

    Follow your heart, never your head, that will always only ever lead to the boredom and monotony that is most peoples reality.

  • Dearest Grant,

    It takes great courage to leap into the great dark unknown with only your heart as a light to guide you!! But it is something that often needs to be done, and of all people, i know that you will swim not sink. Its people like you who make this world such a beautiful place.

    Love Tarn

  • good luck grant. i hope everything works out great. a good friend of both of our told me not very long ago that “if you leap, a net will appear”. let’s hope he is right. pretty soon i am quitting full time work and starting part time, so that i can dedicate more time to my photography, as well as some other music related things (don’t worry, not playing it – the world is safe from that!) i think it will be a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning if i am doing something that i am passionate about, not just a stale desk job. so i’ve got my fingers crossed for you, i hope it works out.

  • good luck grant, you’re one of the most intelligent, creative and talented people i’ve ever met – whatever you put your heart into will likely be met with success. even if it’s not – no regrets. the only mistake you can make is to live your life doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. go for it dude 😉

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