More on Moore

Scott Rosenberg on Farenheit 9-11. Our merry band of four who were originally attending the film on Saturday has since grown to around ten. There’s a lot of anticipation about this film.

On a related note, I went to the local Collins bookstore and was surprised to see an entire shelf of books aimed squarely at Bush and the current administration. I’ve been asking people if this is a suprising amount of negative literature on a sitting president in their first four-year term? I don’t think even Bush Snr, widely derided and voted out after four years, didn’t get such a hard time. Apparently Clinton got hit pretty hard too, but as hard I wonder? I don’t know. Interesting nonetheless.

Yet there are only three books I know of that are visible in mainstream book stores on Howard’s misdeeds – Dark Victory (Marr, Wilkinson), The Axis of Deceipt (Wilkie) and Not Happy John! (Kingston). The “teflon Prime Minister”, perhaps?