Things have been a bit quiet of late on the weblog. As always, this is because lots of things have been happening offline that have left me with little time to read or write about anything that wasn’t absolutely essential.

The good news is what’s been going on has been really good. Last weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the bridal party for John and Kylie’s wedding. J & K are long-time and very good friends, and it was a delight to see them express their committment to each other in a small ceremony and very fun reception. I’ve decided, though, that if I ever decide to do something like that, photos will be limited to 1 hour! Seeing how exhausting the process was for the newlyweds, I think I can skip that part 😉

It was great not only for the main event (which happened on Saturday), but for the time spent with some friends I’ve not seen in quite some time (about a year in fact). It was wonderful to reconnect and continue to share a part of each others lives, even if it is a smaller part now that we are geographically displaced. As always happens at these kind of things we’ve committed to catch up in one place at least once a year. I hope that we can keep that committment.

My new housemates are also getting closer to settled. We’re all a bit broke, and a bit shy on furniture (no couches = a pain in the ass – literally!), but I think it’s going to work out now that we’ve had a bit of “get to know you time” (not that I really had any doubts, but now that we’re a couple of weeks in it’s nice to still have that feeling). I really like the dynamic that seems to be building between us all, which I think (and hope) will turn the house into a more lively, creative and safe place for us all to grow. Only time will tell, of course, but good signs to start off with.

It seems that every time my birthday comes along I start to get restlessness. It was this time two years ago that I decided to go to uni. This time four years ago that I decided to strike out on my own with Bucketbox (my now defunct consulting company). This year I’m going through the same process. Lot’s of writing, lot’s of reflection, and the odd decision here and there. A lot of people see new years as the time to do this sort of thing. My pattern seems to be around birthdays.

The decision to close down Bucketbox is part of this process I think. And I have made a few other decisions that will probably shape where I head over the next few months, although I’m still quite unsure as to what it is I want, and more importantly which expectations are realistic and which are just wishful thinking. Hopefully things will become a little clearer in the coming weeks.