Been busy this past week organising new housemates and work and music and the rest of it, so I don’t have time to comment on the links below. Suffice to say they’re all worthy reads.

William Rivers Pitt: Planet Reagan [via Jim Moore] (A counterpoint to the agrandisement we have been subjected to these past few weeks.)

Andy Budd: Sydney Opera House. (On a good day it does look that inspiring – but it’s easy to forget when you see it every day. Thanks Andy for reminding me!)

Joel Spolsky: How Microsoft lost the API war. (From experience, I disagree with the comment about users being ok with web interfaces, oh and that Mac reference ;), but a lot of great points made.)

lost on the sidewalk: great photos all the time. ’tis my favourite suburb in Melbourne too. And this show was awesome. TDF I think actually performed better than BBK – and that’s no small feat!