I went and saw the doco/movie Supersize-Me on Thursday night. What an eye opener! I went expecting something negative about the impact of fast food on the population, but oh my – I wasn’t expecting what unfolded! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but I must say, I’m glad that we don’t have “supersize” here in Australia – what a nightmare!

Two things that really struck me – 1. the emphasis on advertising to and luring in children, and 2. the idea the “education” of consumers isn’t good enough. I was always in the camp of “if you choose to eat there, that’s your choice”. Seeing the film I’m not so sure that’s an adequate response. Unfortunately, the film, does not present any clear message about how such companies should be reacting. Of course not advertising to children and nutritional information clearly and readily available are part of that. But it’s not the whole picture.

It should be noted that McDonalds here have conveniently chosen now to launch new wrappers and containers for their products containing nutritional information. No doubt they’ll claim it’s coincidence that the new packaging has been launched at the same time as the movie…

Oh, and don’t be fooled – the Macca’s salads (at least the US varieties) aren’t all that much better, and sometimes worse, than the greezy burgers.

  • Wasn’t it amazing?? Especially the way that the Subway ad had influenced the girl who wanted to diet? She thought subway was the ONLY way – because the advertising money for Subway is so much more than the groups that advertise healthy eating! It was an amazing film! Long live the “Mr Moore- style”!!!

  • Yeh – twas an eye opener, and very much in the Moore ficto-critical/mock-u-dock-u-mentary style. It actually came up at a dinner party I went to tonight, and some other ppl that had seen it were blown away as well. Very well put together, entertaining, eye-opening, informative.

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