This is the article I was referring to here (I rediscovered it today).

I do cling to a shred of belief that America is not like, say, Stalin’s Russia – that there are functioning mechanisms in place capable of bringing all the perpetrators of this foul enormity to account, from the lowliest redneck E-3 straight up to Donald Rumsfeld. (Otherwise, what was Nuremburg for?) But mind you, I do mean “shred.” I suppose we’ll see what happens; it’s just remotely possible that the press has not been completely neutered, and that we as citizens still have enough of a sense of shame to do something about this last betrayal of the values we supposedly hold dear.

The whole piece is worth a read. Adam has a lot more realistic outlook than I recall, so my previous comments probably weren’t fair. I suppose I just don’t even hold onto that “shred of belief”, I think history’s lessons about how power brokers are dealt with in terms of justice are too strong to believe that justice will be brought to bear on Rumsfeld and Dubya…