Dean – thought this may be of interest: Wireless City. I often dream of the possibilities of having this sort of setup where I work, or in Newtown where I spend an inordinate amount of time. ‘Twould be very cool…

RIP Bucketbox

Back in July of 1999 I made the leap from a salaried job at a multimedia CD-ROM company to start my own company, which was really just a structure for me to be a full-time freelancer, doing web development. I called the company Bucketbox, without much thought really. There’s a story behind that name, but too boring to tell.

It was a decision partly based in a need to escape the really shitty environment I was in, in part to earn more money, in part to have some extra time to make a music website content management system and to play in a band, and in part because it was still boom time and I thought anything was possible.

And for a while, life was good. I was working about 3-4 days a week and getting time to work on a whole bunch of cool stuff, play more music, and just generally have a good time.

But it wasn’t too long until the bust happened, the calls stopped coming for more work, I ended up with a big chunk of debt and no income to pay it, and thus found myself looking for fulltime employment again. I thankfully found a terrific company to work for, and have been working there ever since.

Yesterday saw the closure of that chapter of my life, with all the debts paid off and me being finally able to deregister the company. I still have a few loose ends to sort out, but the most of it is done. I didn’t realise just how much doing the deed (signing the paperwork) would affect me. I was pretty much a wreck all yesterday afternoon.

Even though the whole experience of the business was pretty shitty, there was something in me that found it really difficult to let go of the company. It was definitely the right thing to do, a moment to let go of a whole lot of bunch of bullshit that seemed to be packaged up in that company, bullshit that I was reminded of every time I had to do the accounts, and I had to fill out some stupid ASIC or ATO form, and pay somebody money just to hold onto it.

And so, I bid Bucketbox farewell. I’d like to say it was fun, but…



Been busy this past week organising new housemates and work and music and the rest of it, so I don’t have time to comment on the links below. Suffice to say they’re all worthy reads.

William Rivers Pitt: Planet Reagan [via Jim Moore] (A counterpoint to the agrandisement we have been subjected to these past few weeks.)

Andy Budd: Sydney Opera House. (On a good day it does look that inspiring – but it’s easy to forget when you see it every day. Thanks Andy for reminding me!)

Joel Spolsky: How Microsoft lost the API war. (From experience, I disagree with the comment about users being ok with web interfaces, oh and that Mac reference ;), but a lot of great points made.)

lost on the sidewalk: great photos all the time. ’tis my favourite suburb in Melbourne too. And this show was awesome. TDF I think actually performed better than BBK – and that’s no small feat!


Oh well – my days of guessing political shenigans are over. Seems that the press release was for Howard to wax lyrical about his new environmental policy.

I haven’t read the opposition to the policy from environmental groups. Some quick thoughts – seems to be aimed at consumers, and yet around 90% of emissions are from industry, with power companies being the worst offenders. The plan does not seem to address that at all. We need to stop subsidising shale oil, and start getting renewable energy targets and real emission reductions from industry, not from consumers.

Secondly, it doesn’t involve ratifying the Kyoto protocol. ‘Nuff said. Howard will never sign it, mind you, but any environmental policy that doesn’t include this is really a strange thing. On that front, it’s clear that Howard isn’t signing because of one or both of two reasons: 1) He’s mates with Dubya and wants to tag along and 2) He hates multilateral agreements and bodies.

One last thought: a friend said last night “seems that Garrett’s appointment has Howard running scared”. I hadn’t thought of that… could be, though I don’t think that it would have that big an impact on him somehow.

Alternet facelift

Alternet have got a new look – much cleaner than the old design – seems like a good step forward (looks like they’ve moved servers too).

Still using tables for a layout that would work magically with CSS. And I got a bit too excited when I saw the “Syndication” link at the bottom. “RSS!” I thought, but alas, Alternet won’t be hitting my aggregator anytime soon (it’s a paid service for other news organisations). Oh well, we still have email…

Election time…

Hmmm…. looks like the PMs making an announcement tomorrow – I wonder what that could be? The Libs have also, allegedly, organised a “private function” sometime in August. Labor have made the most rapid pre-selection in living history to get Peter Garrett onto the team… Hmmm….

As a friend said tonight – don’t plan any trips overseas soon, last time the PM called an election, look what happened!

Better get those electoral enrollment forms in kiddies. (Either that or they’ve captured bin Laden.)