According to the Register, two-thirds of all email is spam. One level of my spam filter (I have two levels) has blocked 7,358 spam messages in the past month or so. That’s bucketloads of crap that I don’t have to deal with (apart from setting up and monitoring a cumbersome series of solutions for avoiding it), but the internet infrastructure is dealing with this every day the world over.

The internet, despite its military beginnings, is now part of the public commons. And we need to find ways to stop it from being abused by spammers. Think about the bandwidth freed, and the time saved, in a spam free internet. All of a suddent this powerful resource is freed up from pushing useless annoying bits of spam, to move more useful information more efficiently.

Moves afoot by Yahoo! and Microsoft to introduce header authentication will go a long way, I can’t wait for their introduction. The infrastructure of the internet needs more work to stem the flow.