iPod – new definition

Dave Winer comments on the prevalence of iPods around NYC. I can say the same in Sydney – I’ve even seen non-iPod white headphones – strange… Most of my friends want one, even people I would never expect would be into a high-tech gadget. But that’s not the most notable thing…

Sony, in the 80s with the “Walkman” cassette player, and then late-80s, early 90s with the “Discman” were able to introduce a brand that became the name of the object that was branded. We don’t say “portable CD player”, we say “Discman” – the Sony brand. This was obviously a boon for their products – brand that enters the vocabulary.

Well, despite years of having MP3 players on the market, I think Apple have almost (I say almost because it’s too early to tell) achieved this with the iPod. none of my friends say “I want an MP3 player”, they all say “I want an iPod”. It’s like the iPod is the only player on the market. That’s gotta be worth gold to Apple.

Update: Damian clues me in on the correct term for this type of thing – it’s a proprietary eponym.

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