I have said before that one of the reasons Microsoft has borne the brunt of security exploits is because of it’s dominant market share which IMO attracts a larger share of hackers to seek out and exploit security flaws. Of course Microsoft’s business practices have also raised the ire of many a hacker, which has a resulted in a type of magnetism.

Ever since Mac OS X became usable (i.e. 10.2) one of the claims made by Mac supporters (and to some extent Unix supporters) is that it is more secure, that it’s not riddled with the kind of holes that Windows seems to be continuously plagued by. Today, the truth became known.

Now, anyone that knows me is completely aware of my love of Macs and the Mac OS X operating system, so this ain’t Mac bashing. This event just shows that no operating system is immune to security attacks, even ones apparently as simple as that described in the security bulletin announced today. Maybe now some of the more vocal PC bashers will think twice before they claim their OS is more secure than Windows. Chances are it’s only a matter of time before serious exploits are identified, as has happened to Apple today. And as Mac OS X and Linux make more inroads into the desktop market, the more likely major flaws are likely to be exploited with greater impact on PC users worldwide.