Nick Berg

I had the misfortune to see a segment of the video of Nick Berg being beheaded today. If you had any illusions that it was a quick and painless death, think again. It was brutal and vicious. I can’t get the small segment I saw out of my head. I couldn’t watch the entire thing. This was a US civilian working in Iraq – not a mercenary (as were the four killed in Faluja). I can’t help but thinking of the phrase often attributed to Vietnam vets – fubar. That’s a pretty good description of how things in Iraq are turning…

Update: Will Blaze comments.

“… still shaking” an apt description. Interesting point about the hooded perps – a friend and I were discussing the fact that there is no real way to tell if those involved are who they say they are… As Will says, “Which means this video is now effectively a propaganda tool for just about anyone out there of any political stripe. It can be spun any number of directions, and that’s bad for the world.” Indeed.