Went and saw Radiohead last night at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney. We were in the standing area at the front of the stage, about half-way between the stage and sound desk. Normally the sound in the venue is pretty ordinary, but last night it was awesome. Apparently the support act, the Bumblebees, sucked ass. I wasn’t there to see them, but that was the distinct impression of my friends that attended.

We got there pretty late, about 15 mins before Radiohead came on stage. And from the first song they were absolutely incredible. The two hour show (as I was informed after – I didn’t even notice the time) was at least equal best (along with Lamb and Ani DiFranco) – but definitely the best large venue show that I’ve ever attended. I’m hoarse from singing and shouting, and my arms are sore from clapping. Absolutely, fucking, brilliant! Words cannot describe.

I just hope it doesn’t take them another six years to come back (the last time they toured here was 1998 apparently – I wasn’t a fan then, but I am certainly a convert now). I think we’ll be talking about this concert in years to come. I am so jealous that I can’t make it tonight as well – but in some ways it’s probably a good thing – a way to hold onto that memory, and not risk being disappointed…

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome! Five stars.