Ever since I saw Scratch: The Movie my perspective on turntablism as an artform was completely transformed. Qbert and Mixmaster Mike in particular blew me away, but the whole history of it too was facinating.

Well, last Wednesday I had the chance to check out RJD2 and Kid Koala live. What an awesome show. Completely blew me away – running four decks at once and making noises that I just couldn’t work out – switching feels with some great breakdowns, and, in the case of RJD2, mixing classic 80s pop with 70s funk and 90s ambient to make something truly awesome and groovin.

By the time Kid Koala hit the stage I was pretty much nailed, but to watch him perform was worth it – so cool and into it – making what is such a precise art look so effortless and truly working the crowd. Awesome. If you get the chance, check out the movie, and check out RJD2 and/or Kid Koala first chance you get. You won’t be disappointed…