War with who?

Abe posts Your Government Would Rather You Not Look at These Pictures.

Rant alert:

So the Japanese are (rightly) in a tizz about the three civilian aid workers that are being held hostage. And yet we hear reports down the wire that 300+ Iraqi’s were killed in “hostilities” between the US military and “insurgants” and we’re supposed to accept this as part of war? The next time I hear one of these faceless, humanless disembodied voices talking about the war on terror and the war in Iraq, I want to ask the question: who were these children fighting? How is it that we can justify an invasion launched on false pretenses and claim “the enemy” to be disgusting savages when they live with these events every day? What the fuck would you do if an occupying force killed your baby brother or sister?

According to the Boston Globe the US has lost 417 soldiers with 3000 wounded. According to lunaville.org that number is 651 dead. I feel for their families, but then I think of the civilian casualties in Iraq – between 8865 and 10715. At best that’s a ratio of less than one US soldier per 100 Iraqi civilians.

We know the names of the US soldiers who died fighting this senseless war. We know the names of a small fraction of those Iraqis that have died. These are all people with families, jobs, children, friends. Lives that have been cut short because of Bush, Blair and Howard. Substitute one name out of that list with that of your brother, your best friend, your mother or father. How would you feel?

In our polished, removed, clinically reported window to this war, the reality is lost. In this day and age, are we really that desensitised that we can no longer feel for the loss of human life – wherever it occurs? Perhaps some of us are… I know that I am not. Whether it be 40 coalition soldiers, or 400 Iraqi civilians, the loss of any one of those is immense to the people that care about that person. And perhaps it brings home the horror to think of just the one person in that 40 or 400. Perhaps then we can comprehend the tragedy of this whole affair. And to think that Bush and Howard might get re-elected after launching this attrocity, after breaking international law. We should be ashamed…