The trains were crap again this morning… SMH reports on what happened yesterday. Seems Carr and Costa (someone who I have little respect for after his efforts in the police portfolio, and even less respect for now) are trying to shirk responsibility.

The big question for me – why was it peak hour on Monday afternoon that suddenly this issue came to a head, with 86 trains cancelled? Costa should be sacked immediately for such a ridiculous mess-up. The line that I am on, that already has attrocious service lost another seven trains.

“Mr Carr said he would speed up recruitment of drivers” – how about better pay and conditions? More funding to service the lines? This government has fallen over big time on this issue.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday afternoon – it was interesting being part of 100+ commuters shuffling between platforms at North Sydney station while station staff tried desperately to work out which platform the next city service left from. I’ve often felt like cattle walking up those steps and through the barriers, but yesterday I felt like we were sheep being rounded up by a blue heeler. Absolutely ridiculous, but the humour wasn’t lost on me.

  • Indeed the trains……..i totally agree with your analysis of both “why peak hour Monday” and also the cattle / sheep comparison.

    Why is it that they are currently sending 3 or 4 empty trains in a row to the same destination whilst 1000’s of us huddle, dangerously cramped and sweating, on the platform waiting for our trains?

    Guess Bob Carr hasn’t had the pleasure of even a 5 minute wait for a train, let alone 65 mins as experienced by many of Sydneys commuters. Good to see those Ticket Inspector fine revenues going to good use!

    Now I have no problem paying for transport that is clean, safe and ONTIME, however the current service levels are far from satisfactory and there is NO excuse for the paying commuters to put up with this, however the most anyone will do is whinge to a few friends or colleagues whilst continuing to hand their money over the counter.

    People, dont get angry at the guards or station staff or especially the other commuters. RAISE it with the morons in power. THE GOVERNMENT. Remember YOU ALL VOTE!!!

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