Labor Asylum Policy

Labor provides some detail about their asylum policy. To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement.

Mandatory detention remains – although I can’t quite tell if this is intended to be time limited or not. The TPV program remains, albeit revised and providing some concessions. The biggest change is putting an increased emphasis on the people smugglers rather than those seeking asylum. At least this is a step forward, but it is only that – a step.

If this is as far forward as Latham’s Labor can manage to crawl, we’re in trouble.

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The SMH reports on Latham’s policy announcement “to introduce a citizenship charter and to require discipline classes for parents of delinquent teenagers”.

Here is Latham answering questions, presumably after the announcement.

I don’t know quite what to make of the policy, btw. Still thinking on it…

Holding one’s own

RLP: “And he had lived such a life that no one knew what the smile meant. Perhaps he smiled because it was all true. Many in the room hoped so. Or perhaps he smiled because nothing was true, but he had lived so fully and well that his life stood against nothingness and held its own.”

Friendly virus? New virus infects PCs, whacks SCO.

Seems it’s propogating fast. No virus is good. Bad news for the internet and users. But its stated task is fascinating.


Those illusive weapons, eh? David Kay has announced that he doesn’t believe the weapons existed before the war, let alone now.

“He said it appears Iraq abandoned the production of WMDs and largely eliminated its stockpiles in the 1990s in large part because of Baghdad’s concerns about United Nations weapons inspections. He said Iraqi scientists and documents show Baghdad was far more concerned about UN inspections than the US had ever realised.”

Seems diplomacy has its strengths – Iraq and Libya both…

Kay does mention that some programs, rudimentary at best, were being undertaken. To me, it seems, that continued inspections would have done the job, and saved a lot of lives.

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Joel on Resumes.

As someone who has to go through the same process as Joel in sifting through dozens of resumes to shortlist to 5 and then down to 1, I can say – take head all ye who wish to make it into the “Good” pile.

It sounds superficial, and it is superficial, but as Joel mentions – when you only have a limited number of places, and you have those three piles (Good, OK and Bad), the OK pile rarely gets a look in, and the Bad pile – what pile? Oh that pile I deleted yesterday. Yes, well…

Another tip, if you’re putting job experience down – don’t tell me you worked for 6 months at Betty’s Soup Kitchen when you have had 4 other related jobs to the position your applying for. I’m only interested in what’s relevant to the position you’ve applied for. As a tech company, I’m not interested that you can poor a coffee. We don’t have a capucino machine here, so it’s irrelevant.

One more thing, if you make it to the interview, don’t lie. We will catch you out. I had one candidate say that he knew a technology, and I asked a related question and he couldn’t answer it. Duh-doh! You’re out.


Lessig posts this and this on SCOs efforts to destroy the GPL license and undermine the linux movement. Unbelievable! The unfortunate thing is that in the current political/commercial environment SCO is being taken seriously. It’s truly absurd.