Joel on Resumes.

As someone who has to go through the same process as Joel in sifting through dozens of resumes to shortlist to 5 and then down to 1, I can say – take head all ye who wish to make it into the “Good” pile.

It sounds superficial, and it is superficial, but as Joel mentions – when you only have a limited number of places, and you have those three piles (Good, OK and Bad), the OK pile rarely gets a look in, and the Bad pile – what pile? Oh that pile I deleted yesterday. Yes, well…

Another tip, if you’re putting job experience down – don’t tell me you worked for 6 months at Betty’s Soup Kitchen when you have had 4 other related jobs to the position your applying for. I’m only interested in what’s relevant to the position you’ve applied for. As a tech company, I’m not interested that you can poor a coffee. We don’t have a capucino machine here, so it’s irrelevant.

One more thing, if you make it to the interview, don’t lie. We will catch you out. I had one candidate say that he knew a technology, and I asked a related question and he couldn’t answer it. Duh-doh! You’re out.