As I mentioned last week I had a gig at my favourite cafe on Saturday night. It went really well from my pov, with a good turnout (thanks in part to a later start than expected and the crowd from Riverside theatre). I played the best I think I’ve played – my voice was surprisingly strong given the little I’ve been practicing of late.

Big thanks to Kevin for the invite and geetar, and to Jai and Sean for filling a spot at such late notice – wish I had have taken my bass to join in the fun, maybe next time…

Jacob, the sound person, had a Digi 002 there. Nice! Apparrently the compressors sucks though, although the verbs were sounding mighty nice. He got a great deal on it too. Gotta stop drooling…

  • You did sound good… and always impressed by the lyrics… thanks too for the conversation before your set.

  • It was a great set, Grant. The cafe has such a great vibe, the whole night was very enjoyable. I wrote a little note about the night on my band’s forum if anyone is interested

    looking forward to playing with you on Friday night, grant. if anyone wants to see Grant playing bass, we’re playing at the Bat & Ball Hotel on Friday 30th January. BYE!

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