ALP: “Investor-state dispute provisions allowing US companies to force Australian Federal, State, Territory and possibly local governments into binding third-party arbitration for claims related to government business laws and regulations are not necessary in any agreement with the US.”

The Greens: Vote No FTA!

I have to admit, I think a Free Trade agreement between Australia and the US could be a good thing, if it were open to parliamentary scrutiny, if negotiations were public, if the scrapping (or at least significant reductions) of US farming subsidies were on the table, if PBS and health care were unequivicobly off the table (the negotiators have indicated publicly this is the case, but we can’t know for sure), if it were an “opt-in” not “opt-out” measure (meaning we would choose services that could be included, not choose to exclude certain services which means if we miss something, we’re screwed), and if we had a government who truly had the national interest in mind.

Oh well, doesn’t look like I’m for the current USFTA then does it?!